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Youth Art Program

Spring 2021 Youth Art Appreciation Program

with Dawn Lisko


Live Instruction art sessions via Zoom for Kids in Grades K-6!


The Spring Youth Art Program will focus on some of the great artists of history:


Friday 4pm - March 19 - Henri Matisse


Friday 4pm - April 9 - Vincent Van Gogh


Friday 4pm - May 7 - Claude Monet


Friday 4pm - June 4 - Keith Haring


Each lesson will begin with a brief art history lesson of artist of the month, followed by a project.

Step 1:  Register for this month's Art Program

Step 2:  Pick up your Supply Bag the Wednesday before the Program at the Library

Step 3:  Login and bring out your inner artiste!


Good for all ability levels.

Parental supervision recommended for each project.

No prior art experience necessary. 

We will experiment with various materials.


Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with the links to login to the Zoom Webinar.


Can't join us live?  No worries!  Each Program will be available to watch afterwards on our website, along with a list of supplies needed to complete the project on your own at any time.



Friday, 4 PM March 19

Artist: Henri Matisse

Project: Paper Collaging with Matisse Inspired Shapes



Supply Bag Contents: 8.5x11 card stock and/or plain white paper, assorted colored papers



Other supplies from home that will be needed: pencil, scissors, choice of glue


We will begin by looking at the life of Henri Matisse.

Using examples of how his style evolved from paintings with shapes and patterns to paper cut outs to stain glass windows.


1 - discuss shapes that he used in his art

2 - practice drawing some of his free form shapes

3 - draw out your favorite shapes on the various colored paper

4 - cut them out

5 - decide how to arrange them so they look best - good composition

6 - glue the shapes to the card stock

7 - sign your masterpiece



Friday, 4 pm  April 9, 2021

Artist : Vincent Van Gogh

Project: Painting like Van Gogh

Van GoghSupplies: 8.5x11 card stock or plain white paper, paint cups of blue, purple, yellow, plastic fork, cotton balls

(will be provided in supply bag)


Other supplies from home that will be needed: pencil, cup with water, paper towel,

paint brush (optional)


We will begin by looking at the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

Examine how his style used bold brush strokes and gave a sense of movement; such as in The Starry Night.


1 - discuss how the lines in his work help your eye to move around the painting

2 - draw out your version of your starry night including a moon, stars and foreground

3 - start applying the paint using one color at a time, start with the lightest color first and use a thick application of paint

4 - before the paint dries, drag the fork through the think paint to create a swirling pattern of lines

5 - straight lines, short wavy lines, long curvy lines, have fun and explore this process

6 - sign your masterpiece




Friday, 4 pm  May 7, 2021


Artist: Claude Monet

Project: Impressionistic Waterlilies


monetSupplies: 8.5x11 card stock and/or plain white paper, assorted colored tissue papers

(will be provided in supply bag)


Other supplies from home that will be needed: pencil, scissors, white glue (elmers) but a glue stick can work, brush or q-tip


We will take a look at Monet’s series of paintings from his time a Giverny, France where he depicted waterlilies at different times of day and through different seasons.

Discuss how his colors change through overlapping of colors and soft brushstrokes to give an impression of the water and lilies.


1 - discuss use of color and form of waterlilies (circle with a slice cut out)

2 - draw out the shapes of the waterlilies on the tissue paper

3 - cut the stripes of blue for water and the lily pads

4 - arrange and glue; first the water then overlap the lily pads

5 - bunch up little pieces to create the flower bud (if using glue stick, cut out a small circle in your flower color)

6 - glue the flower in center of lily pad

7 - sign your masterpiece



Friday, 4pm June 4, 2021


Artist: Keith Haring

Project: Graffiti Art


HaringSupplies: black paper, people cut outs, chalk

(will be provided in supply bag)


Other supplies from home that will be needed: pencil, scissors, choice of glue

(optional - white pencil or white crayon)


We will check out Keith Haring’s simplified graffiti style forms.

Also his use of outlines and symbols.

Examine how his style combined fine art and a street style referred to as graffiti.


1 - Look at his examples of form, shape, and line

2 - Cut out the human forms

3 - Arrange the human forms into an interesting composition on the black paper

4 - Glue the pieces down

5 - Use the chalk to outline the forms and add additional lines, forms, shapes, symbols to fill up the entire paper

6 - sign your masterpiece

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