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Services Offered

We’re a Wireless Hotspot! Wi-Fi is available - ask for the code at the Front Desk.

Computers: Eight public computers are available - maximum time limit is one hour. 

A fax machine and copier are available for public use.

Books and Audio Books may be borrowed for a two-week period.

E-Books can be downloaded to your e reader, ipad, tablet, or smart phone.

DVDs may be taken out, two per cardholder, for two days, with some restrictions.

Magazines: We carry most of the popular magazines which include current events, finance, sports, local and world news, electronics, family, fashion, etc.

MakerSpace: Currently closed for re-location.  

Story Time for Pre-Schoolers is held at the Library on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

An Equitable-Access Ramp is located at the E Street entrance to the Library.

Check our calendar for programs, classes and other activities for all age groups.



Maximum 10 copies of any one document.

Maximum 20 pages of any one document.

All documents must be in either PDF or in any MS Office file format.

All documents must be print ready, with no further editing needed.

Files names to be serviced must be clearly identified for staff to easily find on the USB Media

USB Media must not be password protected.




You, the Patron, are responsible for the security of the information on any USB Media submitted for printing services.  Accidental deletion or corruption of files on any submitted USB Media is at your risk.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that any USB Media submitted for printing services not contain any sensitive personal information or files other than what is to be printed.   

We recommend that USB media should contain only the files necessary and nothing else.  

Submitting USB Media for printing services will constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of the risks and responsibilities of using this service.

Upcoming Events

Tina James, Special Education Seminar for Parents of Young Children
02/02/22 - 6:00 PM

Knitting and Crocheting with Cindy Apfelbaum
02/03/22 - 1:00 PM

Youth Art
02/04/22 - 4:00 PM

Meditation with Roseann
02/07/22 - 11:00 AM

Presidents Day . The Library is closed. We will reopen tomorrow from.
02/21/22 - 9:00 AM

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