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Welcome to the Belmar Public Library


Due to the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak The Belmar Public Library is now CLOSED.

You can visit the COVID-19 Update Page by Clicking Here

You can now download free eBooks from the Belmar Public Library by visiting: 

Mission Statement: The Belmar Public Library will work with the community to provide materials, information, technology and opportunities to educate, enrich and entertain people of all ages and backgrounds.

Vision Statement: The Board of Trustees and Library staff work together to promote and encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning. We celebrate the diversity of our community and promote understanding of our differences.

Values Statement: The Board of Trustees, Library staff and volunteers of the Belmar Public Library recognize the following shared values:

  • We recognize that people are important and we celebrate their diversity;
  • We will act with fairness, honesty and integrity;
  • We will inform and educate our community of the services and programs of the Library;
  • We will treat our patrons, colleagues and volunteers with dignity and respect.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees on December 12, 2011


Mark Walsifer - Mayor

David Hallman - Superintendent, Belmar Elementary School

President- Sharon Russell-Fowler 

Vice President- Johanna Roper-Robinson

Secretatry - Patricia Hutchinson

Treasurer - Geri Pitocco

Bruce Blattner, Kerry McNulty-White, William Young



On August 11, 1911 a group of ladies met at the home of Miss Louise Phillips. She and her friends were greatly interested in giving to young people the highly organized activities that could be obtained through a Public Library. With this goal in mind the ladies got together and opened the First Belmar Library on September 23, 1911. During the first year the library grew so rapidly that on May 1, 1912 it had to be moved to a larger building. As interest became greater it finally was decided that even this space was too small.

The Belmar Public Library as it now stands was opened to the public on December 4, 1914. The building is Colonial in style and Edward Tilton of New York was the architect. The plans for the Library were thought to be so excellent by the Carnegie Corporation that they adopted them as the standard for future libraries all over the Country.

In 1935 a portrait of Andrew Carnegie was presented to the Library by the Carnegie Corporation. It is a copy of the portrait painted by Luis Mora. One was given to each of the Carnegie Libraries in the Centennial.

- "Belmar In Retrospect" by Grace Trott Roper



Belmar Residents are welcome to join the Library by showing two proofs of residency.
Membership for non-Belmar Residents: $25.00
Replace a Library Card: $1.00
Late Books: 5 cents per book, per day
Late DVDs: $1.00 per DVD, per day
Copies: 20 cents per page
Fax: $2 for the first page; $1 for every page thereafter
Computer Copies:  20 cents per page

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