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May 18, 2024   11 AM

Author: Gregory Andrus

Book Title:  Portraits of Summer 2023

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library



“Portraits of Summer 2023 is from a passion project that I came up with last summer with an eye to this winter.

Winters are hard for me. Always have been. With that in mind I decided last summer that I wanted to have an exhibit this winter based on portraits I took in the summer. So I took my 35mm film camera and walked such Jersey Shore beaches and boardwalks as Ocean Grove, Seaside Heights, Island Beach State Park and others and asked strangers if I could take a portrait of them. I also shot some photos of a fantastic lifeguard tournament in Seaside Park.

I shot this entire series on film because I love how summer looks on film, with the warmth and nostalgic look of Kodak Gold especially. It looks different from digital. It looks like it’s the 1970’s and 1980’s again, and I love that look. I held onto these photos until this winter. And the time has now come to exhibit them.

This book is a commemorative edition to an exhibition I am having this winter. This entire Summer of 2023 series is designed to warm us all up as we get through this winter. This book is smaller, at 5×7 inches, but it packs a lot of warmth and summer in each of the 50 portraits it contains. Get yourself a copy or two, and warm yourself in its golden pages. See you this summer!”

Book Author/Photographer Gregory Andrus

May 4, 2024   11 AM

Author: Herman Lentz

Book Title:  Jewmorous

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library



Like Walter Mitty, Herman Lentz has delusions of grandeur and a rich imagination, but he uses his sarcasm and snark as coping skills to deal with the ironic and moronic.  Jewmorous is a humorous collection of essays about embarrassing events no matter how small, all viewed through a self-deprecating lens.

Much to his wife’s chagrin, the essays cover universal themes consisting of, clashing cultures and traditions, marriage, nude beaches, job interviews, drug use, prostate exams, raising kids, and more stories about marriage, to name a few.


Herman Lentz is a retired Chief Compliance Officer, who no longer shackled by the constraints imposed by his position is finally able to publish his first book without fear that his musings will cost him his career.

Always a story teller, he has put together a collection of essays about the adventures and misadventures in his life. A Long Island Jew with delusions of grandeur, he lives in New Jersey not by choice, but by marriage, as his first generation Greek Orthodox wife wanted to be close to her extremely extended family. He prides himself on his great head of hair and self-proclaimed rapier like wit.

When not working on his next essay, he can be seen cursing on the golf course, wishing his grandkids would take more naps when he babysits, avoiding any and all acts of physical labor, and looking for excuses to not go shopping with his wife. His goal is not to be recognized posthumously.

Learn more about his book at


April 20, 2024   10 AM

Author: Maureen Spataro

Book Title:  Press Pause

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library


Nothing can heal in the dark 

Maureen Spataro’s smile was the one to light up every room.  She was the parent running into the classroom with cupcakes, the friend who you could lean on, the “Team Mom” for her daughter’s softball team.  What no one knew, was behind that smile was a past that she stuffed down deep.  Until one day, when Maureen wakes up completely numb, feeling nothing at all.

The silly, quick witted, ewasygoing woman with the gut-busting laugh was fine.  And, there was a sickening, and very real possibility that neither Maureen, nor anyone she loved, would ever see her again.

Press Pause shares the story of Maureen’s breakdown, and the treatment that would have her revisit the traumas from her past – traumas that she thought she had already dealt with.  Finally fully unpacking the sedual and physical abuse she endured, the secrets she carried for decades turned into a catalyst for not only healing herself, but changing the whole trajectory of her family’s future.


Maureen Spataro is the author of the emotionally stirring and thought provoking memoir, Press Pause – The Breakdown That Rebuilt My Life & Changed a Family Legacy.  She is a popular and highly sought after domestic and sexual violence impact speaker, and hostess of the Podcast Unsilenced, Unashamed, Unstoppable.  Her current project – The Ageless Collective – is focused on the value and contributions of 50+ women, and bringing them together to discuss the issues faced by women over the age of fifty.  Her goal is to create a community that celebrates what it means to be ageless.

Maureen is also the founder o0f the 501(c)(3)organization Because She Is, which offers free support services and programs to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and other abuse.  A survivor herself who endured abuse starting at the age of six and through her adult years, she has written Press Pause to tell the true story of what it took to face and overcome her past trauma in order to rewrite her family legacy and to create a life she loves.


March 27, 2024   6 PM

Author: Zac Levy

Book Title:  Project Unhoused

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library







How do people become homeless?  

At age sixteen, Zac Levy set out to answer this question.  Follow Levy’s year-long journey as he bounces between homeless shelters and soup kitchens exploring the struggles of the homeless and finding ways to assist the less fortunate. 

 Through his interviews with unhoused individuals, Levy illuminates the root causes of homelessness and explains the dangers behind many popular misconceptions about homelessness.


About the Author


Zac Levy is a student at High Technology High School in Lincroft, NJ.  In addition to his humanitarian work, he is a graduate of the Rutgers University Quarknet Program in particle physics and quantum computing.  Levy is working with Dr. Matthew Rosenberg in the lab of Professor David Tank at Princeton University, conducting research in the field of neuroscience and biophysics. In line with his beliefs as an Orthodox Jew, he dedicates time to learning Judaic Studies with his Rabbis every morning and night.   In his free time, Levy enjoys playing tennis and chess.

100% of the profits form his book will be given directly to America’s homeless population.

Learn more about his work at


March 16, 2024   11 AM

Author: Mike Farraggher

This is Your Brain on Shamrocks

A Devilish Pint

50 Shades of Green

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library



Author and writing coach Mike Farragher will read from his funny and sweet memoirs on growing up Irish, Catholic and guilty in the swamps of Jersey and will offer tips on writing YOUR story in 2024!


He will share his memoirs from some of his books, such as This is Your Brain on Shamrocks, The Devilish Pint and 50 Shades of Green.



From his website:

Mike Farragher is the author of 6 books, including “The Last Temptation of Mary,” his latest.

He has inspired countless other authors to commit their stories to the pages through a series of virtual workshops. He has led these classes for Monmouth University and Project Write Now.

“When I first started writing books, I used to get a huge charge out of seeing my name splashed on the cover,” Farragher says. “That’s still a thrill, but I now get an even bigger charge seeing my name on page 2 of someone else’s book, when they acknowledge the small part I might have played in helping them get their story out. Publishing my work in various forms has been the adventure of my life, and I love inspiring others to take the plunge!”

Mike’s stories have leapt off the page and onto the stage and screen. He had 2 plays produced off-Broadway at The Manhattan Repertory Theater. You can view those performances on our PLAYS page:

He optioned his “This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks” books for the screen; a pilot episode of a comedy series was produced and won numerous awards at film festivals on either side of the Atlantic, including the prestigious Dublin International Comedy Film Festival.

Learn more about Mike at his website:



January 20, 2024   10 AM

RESCHEDULED TO Saturday February 10, 2024  10 AM

Author: Jennifer Clearwaters & Cynthia O’Connell

The Elevation Principles

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library



Is there a change you want to make in your life?

If so, what is holding you back?

What is one small step that you can take to become the best version of yourself?

The Elevation Principles gives you the guidance, resources, and support to break free of old habits, hold yourself accountable, and create new pathways for change. This book offers ways to climb the ladder of possibilities through clearly defined principles that are simplified to easily fit into your daily schedule.

Jennifer Clearwaters and Cynthia O’Connell– lifetime educators, learners and athletes- have done the research on behavioral change and mind-body balance. They can help you to ditch the excuses and commit to your journey to health and wellness.



Jennifer Clearwaters is a Licensed Professional Counselor, yoga instructor, Reiki Master and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She formerly worked in public education for over 20 years as a teacher, School Counselor, Director of School Counseling Services, and college professor. Jennifer owns a private practice for behavioral health and wellness in New Jersey.


Cynthia O’Connell is a retired specialist professor from the Educational Counseling Department at Monmouth University. Previously she worked in public education as a teacher, coach, school counselor and Director of Counseling Services K-12. She has trained students, educators and other professionals in mindfulness and meditation.


November 18, 2023   10 AM

Author: M. B. Paradise

Beach Santa

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library



Celebrate the power of generosity and teamwork with this heartwarming and silly tale that describes what Santa does the day AFTER Christmas! He needs a vacation and wants to catch some waves and a fish! But, as he finally dips his toes in the water, he catches wind of children in need and jumps into action!  Ultimately, he catches something…but it may not be what you think!



M.B. Paradise is a Jersey Shore mom and energetic speaker who is committed to sharing the Beach Santa story and supporting spinal cord injury research & initiatives.  A percentage of the book sales (25%) will be donated to Team LeGrand, a fund-raising arm of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

M.B. Paradise has always been a fan of stories, Santa, and the beach… so combining the three made perfect sense.  She has a degree from Rutgers University and a Master’s in Education from the University of Virginia. She loves treehouses, comfy pajamas, chocolate and all kinds of stories. Beach Santa is her first children’s book.

Random Author Fun Fact: The author has had many jobs. Once of them was dressing in a full-body Post-It costume and walking around Times Square in Feb. of 1999 to promote the movie “Office Space.”

Learn more about M.B. Paradise at



October 11, 2023   6 PM

Author: Mick Bennett

Take the Lively Air

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library



In Take the Lively Air, a minor traffic collision escalates into a confrontation between two families haunted by their pasts and apprehensive of their futures.

Rage and regret butt heads against the background of America’s toxic cultural climate.

But saner voices discover that human frailties are best viewed through the microscope of compassion, and our common humanity must be acknowledged to make way for our futures.



My home town is Belmar, NJ. I was born December 14, 1952. My father and mother moved from 13th Ave to 22 Inlet Terrace soon afterward. Dad grew up on Inlet Terrace. He was Captain of the Asbury Park H.S. state championship football team of 1931. Mom also attended A.P.H.S. We belonged to the First Presbyterian Church on 9th Ave.

Locally, I attended Belmar Elementary and Manasquan H.S. Always a late bloomer, I was sent to Blair Academy for what was euphemistically called a post-graduate or PG year. At Blair I fell in love with writing. From there I attended Gettysburg College, and after graduation in 1975, found a job at a high school 15 miles from Gettysburg where I taught English and coached basketball.

After 33 years, one master’s degree, many great memories, and thousands of lousy essays, I retired from teaching in 2010. My wife Kathleen and I have been married for 39 years. We have two grown children, Nathan and Erin. if there is one thing I learned from experience concerning writing, it was neatly summarized by my favorite writer Raymond Carver:

“When it comes to writing fiction or poetry, it really comes down to this: indifference to everything except what you’re doing.”

Learn more about Mick and his writings at:


October 3, 2023   6 PM

Author: Jo Anna Kloster

Lily Unleashed

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library



Because it’s never too late to do the right thing…

Dogs sold from puppy mills carry behavioral baggage just like children reared in orphanages and in foster care as Lily quickly learns in this middle-grade novel.

When sixth-grader Lily Grabowski takes in her teacher’s puppy-mill rescue dog, without parental permission, it sets off a chain of events that challenges her dog smarts, self-esteem, and ideas about what it means to be a true friend.

As Lily’s heart opens to this tiny dog, complications mount. Cagney howls all day because of separation anxiety. Lily’s nemesis neighbor threatens to call the dog warden about a noise nuisance. BFF drama threatens Lily’s class project on why underdogs matter. Lily’s over-protective mom issues a thirty-day ultimatum, and Lily’s guilty conscience grows while a broken promise looms.

In the end, Lily must choose.  Either surrender Cagney because his needs are bigger than her ability to help him or stand up for what she believes will save him.


 Jo Anna Dressler Kloster is a former elementary teacher, an author, and a Humane Policy Volunteer Leader with the Humane Society of the United States. She works to better the lives of animals.  

Her middle-grade novel, LILY UNLEASHED, is a coming-of-age story.  It focuses on an underdog whose love inspires one girl to speak up for this puppy mill rescue and all the other dogs locked in puppy mill cages. Themes of friendship, bullying, and loss are explored. 

 Ms. Kloster attends animal welfare events and mans an educational table with her book to inform others on how to end the puppy-mill-to-pet-store-pipeline.  

 Her message: Adopt don’t shop for puppies at pet stores. Wonderful dogs await you at your local shelters, rescues, and with reputable breeders. 


More info can be found below about her work: 



September 26, 2023. 6:30 PM

Author: Merry Brennan

MYSTERY SCARS – A Story of Love and Healing

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library



When Hurt Happens, Can We Forgive Others — and Ourselves?

Pink Uggs… blue Top-Siders… old tan Timberlands…

Talented good girl Jewel Jacobs surveys the shoes on the other kids who tried to kill themselves, all slumped in the support group circle that Red Nikes mockingly calls “the Unalive Failures Club.” How did they each get here? How did she get here? A week ago, her biggest worry was making it into the legendary Teen Arts Show. Then she woke in a hospital bed with pain shooting up her arms and absolutely no memory of harming herself.

In a journey far deeper than the scars on her wrists, Jewel must weave together repressed secrets bubbling up in confusing pieces. As she struggles to understand her own shocking behavior, she learns friendship, love, and quirky humor can bring you back from the darkest places.

Mystery Scars is a timely YA novel about high school freshman Jewel Jacobs, whose repressed childhood trauma bubbles up after she wakes in a hospital with no memory of trying to harm herself. A caring therapist, along with friends old and new, help her puzzle together family secrets and accept her own shocking behavior.

About the Author:

As a kid, Merry Brennan dreamed of a grown-up life writing books
and making art. She got sidetracked for years, as a journalist, activist,
columnist, naturalist, communications consultant, adjunct professor, and
elected official. Now, she weaves all those experiences into her creative

Like so many people these days – no matter our age, background, or
beliefs – she’s searching for inner peace, outer connection, and just plain
happiness. Her writing, art, workshops and ceremonies, although
seemingly diverse, all grow from this same theme. Through story and
images, she invites others to savor nature, embrace inner peace, and
compassionately care for this gem we all call home.

Her latest book, Mystery Scars, is a contemporary young adult novel
offering hope and healing for those affected by today’s epidemic of teen
anxiety, depression, and suicide. Her info-packed travel memoir, Eye Rolls
and Awe: A National Park Road Trip with Teens, offers a front-row seat to
the treasures of family and nature, and her middle-grade historical novel,
Peace Pilgrim: Walking Her Talk Against Hate, introduces readers to the
remarkable woman who walked across the U.S. for 28 years with only the
clothes on her back to spread a message of peace.

Merry’s photographic and digital creations (
have been featured in many shows, shops, and publications. She’s also
created a growing collection of “Photoplay” – a flavoring of words on

The long-time Jersey Shore resident is always up for a good hike, sail or
paddle; never turns down time with family; and looks forward to full moon
meditations. She and her musician husband, Tom, have three terrific
children, Ciarán, Aislínn and Seán.

Learn more about Merry and her books at

May 2, 2023 12:30 PM

Author:  The Venerable Bhante Sujatha

Empty, Empty, Happy, Happy

Sitting on the Toolbox – Buddha’s Wisdom to a Joyful Life

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library

Loving-Kindness Meditation with Bhante Sujatha
Supporting the Welfare of Pregnant Women
A Fundraiser for Bhante Sujatha’s Annual Mother’s Program in Sri Lanka

In this workshop Bhante Sujatha will introduce the practice of loving-kindness and guide a brief meditation through this simple to learn, but difficult to master, technique.

When we practice loving-kindness we are giving a unique and powerful gift to the whole world… It’s through our self-love that we love the whole world. When practiced with sincerity and commitment, this mediation can alter your brain and change the way you see the whole world. When you change the way you see the world, the world changes.

Bhante Sujatha, a 40+ year Buddhist Monk, is singularly focused on adding more love in the world.  Bhante teaches loving-kindness meditation to people around the globe for all those seeking the art of happiness and contentment.  His approach to meditation is deep and simple, bringing core Buddhist teachings to everyone in a way that is practical and easy to understand.

A joyful, radiant, funny, and wildly energetic monk, Bhante will help you obtain peace that can only be found in deep silence. Bhante believes his purpose is not only to teach meditation, but also, “teaching people how to be happy.” For more information visit Bhante’ s website

Bhante Sujatha will also offer his books and other items for sale to raise funds for his Pregnant Mothers Program in Sri Lanka.

He will also discuss his books:  Empty Empty Happy Happy and Sit-in god the Toolbox – Buddha’s Wisdom to a Joyful Life.

November 19, 2022 10 am

Author: Christopher Bogart

This Conversation 

LIVE IN PERSON at the Belmar Public Library

This Conversation

In his new book of poetry, Christopher Bogart follows the lead of Emanuel Acho (author of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man) who encourages white people to be courageous, informed, and empathetic to the treatment of their Black brothers and sisters. Bogart is stepping up “to do his part.”

Employing the paradigm of an accidental meeting between two white strangers at a local bar and the conversation that ensues, he encourages the reader to explore the problem of systemic racism and to start this conversation with others.


Christopher Bogart is a working poet and writer who has earned an MA in Creative Writing, and is presently finishing an MFA, at Monmouth University. His poetry has been published in Voices Rising from the Grove, Spindrift, WestWard Quarterly, This Broken Shore, Jersey Shore Poets/ First Edition, as well as various online sites.

In 2015, he was chosen as First Runner Up for Monmouth University’s inaugural The Joyce Carol Oates Award for Excellence in Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Non-Fiction. In 2017, he was chosen as one of two finalists for The Brian Turner Literary Prize for Fiction. His chapbook 14: Antología del Sonoran, was awarded The Poetry Box Chapbook Prize (3rd Place) and published in 2018 . Other poetry books include Breakpoint and The Eater of Dreams.


Join us as Christopher Bogart presents & reads from his book, This Conversation on Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 10 am.

He will be in person LIVE at the Library, and light refreshments will be served.



October 20, 2022 6 pm

Author: Mark W. Curran

The Witches of Wildwood –  Cape May Horror Stories and Other Scary Tales of the Jersey Shore

LIVE AUDIENCE at the Library’s LOWER LEVEL TARZIAN MEDIA ROOM, with Author Mark W. Curran joining us via ZOOM from Los Angeles!

The Witches of Wildwood: Cape May Horror Stories and Other Scary Tales from the Jersey Shore
10 Stories and a Novella
A Collection of Contemporary Horror Fiction

Werewolves… vampires… swamp beasts… zombies… even a Jersey Devil… all of these chilling creatures and more await you in this haunting collection of 11 contemporary horror fiction stories by Mark Wesley Curran.

Uniquely set ‘down the shore’ in South Jersey’s Cape May County, these scary tales are sure to terrify and entertain both adult readers as well as young adults.

The Spooky Offerings Include:

– An abrasive radio talk show host is stalked by an angry werewolf in ‘Werewolves of Dennis’

– A Fun Pier boardwalk worker falls under the spell of a strange attic dwelling girl  in ‘The Girl In The Attic’

– An ancient sailing ship filled with bloodthirsty zombies crashes into the Jersey Shore in ‘Night of the Wildwood Dead’

The cornerstone of the collection is ‘The Witches of Wildwood,’ the harrowing and suspenseful tale of a witch-hunting preacher hell-bent on killing four teenage sisters determined to destroy the world from their Wildwood boarding house.

The Author:

Mark Wesley Curran is a writer of contemporary fiction, specializing in the horror and suspense genre. Born and raised in Suburban Philadelphia, he spent many summers living and working in Wildwood, New Jersey during its heyday. He now resides in Los Angeles where he enjoys creative pursuits as a writer,  filmmaker and musician.

You can learn more about his book and him at his website:

July 5, 2022 6 pm

Author: Gregory Andrus

Sand, Sea & Rescue – Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore

LIVE Book Launch and Exhibit at Taylor Pavilion


Sand, Sea and Rescue has over 120 pages of interviews, portraits, and audio recordings highlighting the dedication, courage, and passion that is the calling of the first responders of the beach: the Lifeguard.

The Jersey Shore is the crown jewel of New Jersey summers, and it is the hundreds of lifeguards standing watch over virtually every foot of sand along its 130-mile coast who keep it safe. These brave men and women put their lives on the line day-in, day-out for the duration of the summer, with one goal: making sure everyone is safe.

But what compels these lifeguards to sign up for a job that calls them into danger at any given moment?


Author and photographer Gregory Andrus set out in the summer of 2021 to find out. The result is a beautiful coffee table book filled with compelling first-person stories and striking film photos of these courageous people. This book also includes a very unique addition of 25 audio recordings of the lifeguards sharing their stories in their own voices, via QR code!

Gregory Andrus overcame a decades-long battle with alcoholism and homelessness. When he was 28 years old he was shot in the back of the head as an innocent bystander caught in the middle of a police chase. After getting a second chance at life, he developed a deep faith in Jesus, quit drinking, and has devoted his life to sharing the hope he has from overcoming his circumstances with others he meets along his journey. He is now a husband and a father of two delightfully energetic and curious boys. He runs a locally prolific page on Facebook and Instagram where he shares street interviews of people he meets around the shore. When Gregory is not spending quality time with his family or conducting interviews, he can be found going for long walks with his beloved Golden Retriever, Blue, preferably at his favorite place in the world, the beach.

Learn more about Greg and his projects HERE.

June 18, 2021 10 am

Author: Ali Nolan

Master the Marathon – The Ultimate Training Guide for Women

LIVE in person at the Belmar Public Library

A no-nonsense, interactive guide that empowers all women at all levels to run their strongest, best marathon ever.

Master the Marathon is a comprehensive guide to marathon training for women at all levels of running –  beginner, intermediate and advanced. The book takes you through everything you need to know to be prepared for the 26.2 miles of the marathon, including detailed training plans, strength training programs, building our mental awareness of our physical body, nutrition, guidance on fighting the best marathon for you, identifying and avoiding potential injuries, inspirational advice, and other unexpected pieces of wisdom.

The programming in this book was created by a woman, specifically for women.

Ali Nolan is a journalist and writer based in Utah. As the former features editor and a current contributor for Runners World magazine, she is active in empowering women in the running world, having spoken at the Under Armour Women’s Panel, Donna Marathon Pre-race Dinner, and other events. She has completed two road marathons, a trail marathon and other races.

Ali will be joined by Belmar Running Coach and Trainer Erica Coviello!

Learn more about Ali at her website:

April 23, 2022 – 10 am

Author: Perdita Buchan

FLORILLA – A Pinelands Romance

LIVE in person at the Belmar Public Library

Granddaughter of “The Pinelands Witch”, daughter of the self-styled Wizard of the Pines and with powers of her own, eleven-year old Florilla Munion finds herself abandoned deep in the New Jersey Pinelands. Rescued by the itinerant Dr. Peace, she is taken to Benderville, a model mill town in the heart of the Pines owned by the doctor’s old friend, the eccentric, progressive Benjamin Bender. There she grows up.

But Benderville is only the beginning of Florilla’s journey. Her abusive father who knows her powers would benefit his act is a constant threat. She falls in love with an English botanist but is separated from him by circumstance.

The story wends its way from the New Jersey Pinelands to the mills of Massachusetts as Florilla searrches for her place in the world and her lost love. Taking place in the years from 1848 to 1857, the novel is also a reflection on a time when various reformers and philosophers speculated on the best ways to organize life and work.


Perdita Buchan was born in England but came to America as a child. She has since lived in America, England and Italy. Her short stories and essays have appeared in The New Yorker, The Ladies Home Journal, House Beautiful, Fiction Network, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor among other publications.

She has published two novels, The Carousel Carver, a story of immigration, of finding a place in a new world, of love lost and found, and Called Away, a story of time travel from twentieth century Vermont to its mirror image in 1816, and a non fiction work, Utopia, New Jersey: Travels in the Nearest Eden, a study of eight early 20th century utopian communities in New Jersey.

After many years in New England, she now lives on the New Jersey coast.

Learn more about Perdita at her website:

December 11, 2021 – 11am

Author: John Perlow

A Drug Fueled Life – The Bird, The Frog and the Boss

LIVE in person at the Belmar Public Library

This book is a summary of one person’s drug-influenced life and the eventual chaos and consequences that can occur through the progression of the disease. The book (or books, if you will) chronicles one person’s many attempts and desire to escape the grip of addiction!

Long Branch native John Perlow has self-published 8 short books, including memoirs, poetry and nonfiction in the past few years.  He’s proud to have completed these projects while he was homeless, jobless, car-less and practically friendless, but never hopeless.  He performs comedy, poetry and raps at open mics around NYC and the Jersey Shore.

October 9, 2021 – 10 am

Author: Phyllis Mitchell

Believe, Do You? – A Psychic Medium’s Journey

LIVE in person at the Belmar Public Library



Take a journey through time as Phyllis shares how she learned to embrace both herself and the dead.

The gift of intuition runs deep in Phyllis’ family, but it wasn’t until her early fifties that she finally accepted her God-given gift to offer intuitive guidance and relay messages from deceased loved ones.  After hundreds of readings, one key message began to stand out:  LOVE IS ETERNAL.

Storytelling with honesty, humor, inspiration and compassion, readers will get hooked on Phyllis’s specific explorations and her pleas for them to do the same.  No matter what you believe, this book explores the power of learning to love yourself and living your truth.  The culmination of Believe, Do You? – A Psychic Medium’s Journey urges YOU the reader to assess the journey, look eagerly in the mirror, and conclude your own beliefs.

Phyllis Mitchell currently lives with her husband, two children and two cats.  When not writing, she gives reading, teaches intuitive classes and interviews people on her YouTube channeland podcast, Psychic Connection.

She also manages her tax practice, volunteers with various organizations and feeds wildlife in her yard – everything she does incorporates her lifelong devotion to helping others.  Phyllis wants to thank you for supporting a first time author and let you know that a portion of this book’s proceedswill be donated to her favorite charities.

Visit her website:

Check out her YouTube Channel Psychic Connection:

August 7, 2021 –  10 am

Author:  Stephen E. Gerard

Stuck in the Middle Seat – The Five Phases to Becoming a Midcareer Entrepreneur

Live In Person at the Belmar Public Library 




Having made the transition himself from dutiful employee to midcareer entrepreneur, Stephen Gerard takes on advisory roles, helping aspiring entrepreneurs on their journeys. Since breaking free, Gerard has advised dozens of entrepreneurs as they have ascended from disenchantment into the life and career of their dreams. While Stephen is selective about whom he works with due to time constraints and business fit, he has something to offer any entrepreneur who is looking to take the next critical steps.

Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, Stephen is excited to hear from you!

Stephen E. Gerard is Board Chairman of The Leisure Collective International and also Owner of the America’s Division of that business. The global company manufactures and sells premium surf equipment ( and premium sunglasses (

He founded his first startup, TGaS Advisors, at the age of 40. TGaS Advisors ( was featured on the Inc. 500/5000 list five times, was operated on a global scale and was ultimately involved in buy-and-sell transactions amounting to roughly $100 million in total value. Today, he invests, advises, and owns entrepreneurial endeavors across the globe.

Learn more about Stephen here.


July 15, 2021 –  7 pm

Composer & Lyricist: Tim McCorry

Musical: Coyote

Live In Person at the Belmar Public Library 


Coyote: The Story

Inspired by a true story, Coyote is a modern American tale of love and immigration. Pedro and Bernadice are young lovers, determined to be re-united, who turn to a mysterious figure known only as Coyote to help them make a perilous crossing from Mexico into the United States. They have no idea that they have engaged the services of a magical, god-like creature who can change form, leap into their dreams and is bound by neither time nor space. He is a trickster. He is also their only hope.

As the story begins, Coyote emerges from the darkness, daring us to take his hand and to embark on a journey in which we will come to see our own lives mirrored in the struggles of Pedro and Bernadice.

They met and fell in love in Guadalajara, Mexico, but disagree about living there. Pedro is proud of his family’s tradition of farming, while Bernadice sees the worsening conditions of crime and poverty. She leaves for “El Norte” and makes it to the Pacific Northwest. After attending one too many funerals for friends killed by the drug cartels, Pedro finally realizes he must leave. He fears that he has waited too long, that he has been disloyal to Bernadice and no longer deserves her love; that she will find another. She fears that he will not survive the journey and that she is failing in her mission to make a new and better life in this strange new land.

Unknown to Pedro and Bernadice, Coyote is always present: a hard-bitten smuggler, delivering his “product” across the border, a shabby Aztec impersonator entertaining tourists, a lecherous academic tutor, a comical homeowner, and a world weary police officer in downtown LA. He is whoever and whatever he wants to be. We’re not sure he is to be trusted but we’ve come too far to turn back now.

Tim McCorry, composer and lyricist for Coyote began his musical studies at Cornell University, where he also studied architecture, before continuing at New York University. His jazz ensemble album, “Diana”, was an Official Selection in 8 categories at the 2009 Grammy Awards, and was made with singer and daughter, Diana McCorry. That album also received the Silver Award from the Songwriters Association of Washington, D.C. for best jazz and blues composition.

He has also performed with the United States Naval Academy orchestra in Washington D.C. His diverse catalog of original works spans almost 40 years, and since 2010, Tim has been the “architect” of Coyote. This original musical was inspired by a true story that moved him to begin his journey to tell it in music and song.

Tim lives with his wife Erin McCorry and their dog, Jersey Girl, in Freehold, NJ.

Opening Night In America is a Reality TV show pilot and a game-changing opportunity for creative teams with original musicals. Coyote has been selected to be one of four creative teams to compete for a chance to bring our musical to Broadway.

June 17, 2021 – 6 pm

Author: Caridad Piñeiro

Two Titles: South Beach Love & Cold Case Reopened




Caridad Pineiro is a transplanted Long Island girl who has fallen in love with the Jersey Shore. When Caridad isn’t taking long strolls along the boardwalk, she’s also a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author with over a million romance novels sold worldwide.

Caridad is passionate about writing and helping others explore and develop their skills as writers. She is a founding member of the Liberty States Fiction Writers and has presented workshops at the RT Book Club Convention, Romance Writers of America National Conference as well as various writing organizations throughout the country.

You can connect with Caridad at You can also find Caridad on:

Facebook at
Goodreads at
Instagram at
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May 6, 2021 – 7 pm

Author: Carol Van Den Hende

Goodbye, Orchid – To Love Her, He Had to Leave Her  –  Debut novel



Can love blossom after life changes in an instant?

One July morning in Manhattan, handsome athlete and entrepreneur Phoenix Walker accompanies his love, half-Asian beauty Orchid, to the airport.

Neither believes today is goodbye.

But after she leaves, disaster strikes. Phoenix wakes in the hospital, broken, forever changed. He longs for Orchid but remembers the tragedy in her past that makes her panic over images of trauma.

Now, he’s faced with the hardest decision of his life. Does he burden the woman whose traumatic childhood makes him feel protective of her? Or does true love mean leaving her without explaining why?

Rising from ashes is hard. Giving up the one you love is harder.


CAROL VAN DEN HENDE is an award-winning author who pens stories of resilience and hope. Her novel Goodbye, Orchid won the 2020 American Fiction Award winner for urban fiction,  Pinnacle Achievement Award winner for multicultural fiction, IAN Outstanding Fiction for Best First Novel, two Royal Dragonfly Awards, two Best Book Finalist Awards, Audiobook Reviewer New Author of the Year, was long-listed for Chanticleer International Chatelaine Book Award,  won a Book Excellence Award and named a Top Book of 2020 by The Write Review. Plus, it’s been featured by Glamour, Buzzfeed, Parade,  Travel+Leisure, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, DIYMFA, WABC Radio among others.

Carol is also a speaker, strategist, Board member and Climate Reality Leader. One secret to her good fortune? Her humorous husband, fun-loving twins, and rescue cat, who prove that love really does conquer all.

To learn more about Carol or to sign up for Carol’s newsletter, please visit or


March 11, 2021  

Author: Merry Brennan

Eye Rolls & Awe –  A National Park Road Trip with Teens

Missed the AuthorTime?  Watch it here:




Breathtaking beauty one moment… face-melting eye rolls the next! Follow the Brennans and their three teens on a 7,000-mile summer road trip that changed their family. Caves, peaks and whitewater rapids brought them closer to nature. Hours on the road in “The Couch” (their comfy SUV) brought them closer to each other. Were there fights and freak outs? Of course. Giggles? Every day.

Join in their hilarious search for buffalo, their snowball fights in July, their musical warning for bears. From quiet sunsets to exploding geysers, their journey is a story of family, of foibles, of deepening relationships – with one another and our spectacular country.

Along with insider travel tips and info boxes, Eye Rolls & Awe also includes the latest research that shows:

• Time with our teens is crucial to their health and well-being.

• Nature can make us all healthier, happier and more creative.

• Introducing our adolescents to their public lands is essential for the future of these irreplaceable spaces.

“Carving out an adventure with teens is not only doable, it can be transforming. For our kids. For us. For our national treasures.”


Merry Brennan (Author )As a kid, Merry Brennan dreamed of a grown-up life writing books and making art. Then she got sidetracked – as a journalist, activist, columnist, naturalist, communications consultant, adjunct professor, and elected official.

But she finally returned to her story-telling roots and couldn’t be Merrier! Along with Eye Rolls and Awe: A National Park Road Trip with Teens, she authored the middle-grade biographical novel, Peace Pilgrim: walking her talk against hate. Her photographic and digital creations have been featured in many shows, shops, and publications.

You can see her artwork at

The long-time Jersey Shore resident is always up for a good hike, sail or paddle; never turns down time with family; and    looks forward to full moon meditations. She and her musician husband, Tom, have three terrific children, Ciaran, Aislinn and Sean.