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Meditation with Roseann Petropoulos

Certified Wellness Instructor


I followed my dream and relocated to the Jersey shore approximately fifteen years ago. My path has been long and hard; however, I have quieted my mind, healed my body, and soothed my heart and soul through my faith and desire to be happy.

I keep my spirit alive everyday by staying close to nature. I go to the ocean year round, walking my dog, and in warm weather sitting quietly at sunset. I eat healthy foods in season, practice yoga, self-hypnosis and Reiki often. I continue to find things to do that are interesting and fun. I am truly grateful to be living my dream.

It will be my pleasure and honor to allow me to guide you and lead you to “Live Your Dream”.

Effective February 5, 2024


MONDAYS 11 AM at the Belmar Public Library’s

Lower Level Tarzian Media Room



All are invited to practice Lovingkindness Meditation every Monday 11AM
Sit among others in a safe and non judgemental space which will allow the comfort to connect to our inner source and each other.
Let go of thought patterns that limit our peace of mind.
Meditation has proven benefits such as:
  • Improves all body functions
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves digestion
  • Relaxes body reducing muscle tension & pain
  • Improves brain function & memory
  • Process stress more efficiently
  • Reduces anxiety & worry
  • Focus attention clearly
  • Promotes positive attitude
  • Creates peace and wellness within and all that surrounds us