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The Writer’s Block Spring Book Fair

Saturday, April 13, 2024

10 AM – 2 PM

Taylor Pavilion

500 Ocean Ave., Belmar


30 Local Jersey Shore Region based Authors display and discuss their books to the public.

Come in and venture from table to table and meet these authors LIVE in person.  

Any books you purchase will be signed by the author!

With titles of Fiction and Non-fiction in a wide range of topics, Adults and Children books, available to explore, there is something for everyone!

Anyone affiliated with the publishing industry will find this is a great networking opportunity to meet new authors to potentially work with.



Tracey HallMagnificently Made

Magnificently Made is an anthology written by 33 incredible women who each wrote their own heartfelt story. Tracey Hall is one of the authors who shared her true life experience of the perils of overworking by not putting self -care first.  She hopes her chapter will encourage younger women not to make that same mistake

Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 3.32.18 PM

Brianna McCabeThe Red Flags I’ve (Repeatedly) Ignored

In this semi-autobiographical (ish) self-help book, Brianna puts herself on the line in the hopes of cracking the code on sex, love, and relationships, but instead learns what it means to actually love herself. She navigates the dating scene—eliminating potential boyfriends one red flag at a time—and shares all of her funny, raw, and real details with readers along the way. Publisher’s Weekly called The Red Flags I’ve (Repeatedly) Ignored “an inspiring look at relationship red flags, written with candor and power.”

Jersey bites shoot at The Mill

Deborah SmithThe Jersey Shore Cookbook

Summer at the Jersey Shore is unforgettable, no matter which seaside destination you choose. And with The Jersey Shore Cookbook, you can have a taste of summer all year long. It features 50 recipes contributed by well-loved shore town restaurants, bakeries, markets, and more. From fresh oysters, scallops, and tilefish to Garden State tomatoes, corn, and blueberries, the perfect New Jersey ingredients shine.


Denise Calloway
Book Image

Denise Farren CallowayThe Magic Puzzle

Do you want to have “the talk” with your son or daughter but just don’t know where to start? Start with THE MAGIC PUZZLE, a gentle Christian-based introduction to how babies are made the old-fashioned way.



Dr. Paul WichanskiYes, I Can!

An uplifting memoir of a former special needs child who has faced incredible adversity and became a leading motivational speaker and disability advocate.  Dr. Paul shares stories that have enabled him to triumph over cerebral palsy and hearing loss, achieving beyond what others believed he could do.  His experiences reflect a set of ideals on a journey of self-discovery that can help readers find the courage and confidence to accept and navigate life’s challenges.



Drew Gordon – Believers

On an alternate Earth with no comic books, four young adults with extraordinary abilities come together and make a pact to protect the innocent. However, they soon find that their actions have unforeseen consequences that will shake the foundations of their world! Filled with intrigue and suspense, Believers aims to redefine superhero fiction!


Gregory AndrusPortraits of the Jersey Shore & Sand, Sea & Rescue – Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore

Gregory Andrus is an author, speaker, photographer and founder of Portraits of the Jersey Shore. He has written three books, Portraits of the Jersey Shore: Everyone Had a Story, Sandra, Sea & Rescue: Lifeguards of the Jersey, and Portraits of Summer 2023. Having overcome alcoholism and homelessness as a young man, he has found a deep faith and a ruling conviction that every single person has dignity and worth. He highlights the dignity of everyday people he meets as well as showcases the transcendent beauty of the Jersey Shore along the coastal towns of New Jersey. He shares these stories and photos with over 60,000 followers on Facebook. Featured in newspapers such as The Atlantic City Press and on TV on News12 New Jersey, Gregory has made it his life’s mission to share inspiration, hope and love to every person that comes across his books, his speaking engagements or his posts on Facebook and Instagram. 


Author Pic
Harry Harvery Author - Copy

Harry HarveyThe Summer my Grandmother’s Yard Tried to Kill Me

The Summer My Grandmother’s Yard Tried to Kill Me is a neighborhood adventure filled with humor, mystery, and a message of acceptance. Readers of any age will love this eco-friendly tale, told from the point of view of a differently abled protagonist.


Author photo
Cover photo

Herman Lentz – Jewmorous

Part essay collection, part biography, and with rapier-like wit, Herman Lentz presents a book that unabashedly reflects on his life with a New York Jewish perspective. No subject is taboo, as Lentz plays the role of hero, antihero, and victim many times in the same story, all with comical doses of sarcasm, snark, self-deprecation, and admitted delusions of grandeur.


jenn photo
Carter cover 2

Jennifer Garcia MawsonCarter Gets Adopted

Carter Gets Adopted is A Story of Family, Friendship, and Love.  When Carter and his brother Gentry find themselves at an animal rescue farm far away, they are sad to leave their siblings but excited at the thought of finding a “forever home”.


Kristen Costello headshot (1)
Screen Shot 2024-03-21 at 1.56.23 PM

Kristen Costello – Tidal Pools and Other Small Infinities

This poetry collection is about finding and losing romantic love and, ultimately, learning how to grow on one’s own. It captures the rush of a new romance, the comfort of an old one, and the courage it takes to leave it all behind when things aren’t right.

Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 2.27.05 PM
Cute Simple Illustrative Love Romance Book Cover _20240209_083652_0000

Lauren Covaci – Bulletproof Heart

Bulletproof Heart is 17-year-old Lena Novick’s journal entries from 1989, the year she lived with her grandmother in a small beach town in New Jersey. The year where everything changes: her friend group dissolves; her parents get divorced; she meets Ant, the Ukrainian boy across the street, and the year she discovers the truth about her family. The world around Lena and Ant is changing; punk rock is slowly evolving into something else, into grunge and communism tumbles with the Berlin wall.

AAAG final cover

Lisa Sarnoff GochmanAt the Altar of the Appellate Gods– Arguing before the US Supreme Court

At the Altar of the Appellate Gods captures the terror, wonder, and joy of preparing for and arguing a landmark criminal case, Apprendi v. New Jersey, in the US Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., as told by a wife and mother who got the opportunity of a lifetime to defend the constitutionality of New Jersey’s Hate Crime Statute before a very hot bench.  Lisa Gochman pulls back the crimson curtains to reveal what it’s really like to argue a case before the highest court in the country.

Screen Shot 2024-03-21 at 3.51.31 PM

Mary BelleVivi Il Momento

A romance story about learning to live in the moment to help get you to where you’re meant to be! Vivi il Momento will grip you from the start with its unforgettable plot, characters, and exquisite scenery description that’ll take you on a mental vacation to Italy. It’s the perfect combination of sensual romance, relatable humor, and the imperative life lesson of living presently and staying true to yourself to let love in.

Screen Shot 2024-03-21 at 3.58.22 PM

Mary Crandall OwensThe Mermaid Box

Marina Claire is a mermaid who lives in the New Jersey Ocean. She collects lost items that fall into the water, but soon gets bored with collecting treasures for herself.   She ultimately shares her treasures with children, who have performed a kindness for others, and put out a mermaid box.



mb head shot summer

Mary Beth ParadiseBeach Santa

Ever wonder what happens on the night AFTER Christmas?  Santa is exhausted and needs a vacation!  As he heads south for some fun in the sun, he’s focused on: catching up on sleep, catching waves and catching a fish.  But, he learns of three children in need of some help and jumps into action!  Is Santa ever off-duty? Does he catch a fish? Santa ultimately ends up catching something…but it may not be what you think!



Miles back cover 08262018
Beach House ebook front cover 07112023

Miles NelsonDeath Rents a Beach House

“Death Rents a Beach House: A Cape May Mystery” (2023) – For the third time in as many years, the Grim Reaper is again visiting the normally peaceful seashore resort of Cape May, New Jersey. Chief Tate Saxby and his team rush to uncover the truth and fit the bloody puzzle pieces into place. In a town with a long memory and a deep well of dangerous secrets, seemingly everyone has something hide.


Natalie Pancetti This Too

“This Too..” by Natalie Friscia Pancetti is a beautiful coffee table  book, filled with words of wisdom and comforting reminders. Her life-isms hit straight to the heart, helping us feel less alone during hard times and reminding us to savor every sweet moment this precious life has to offer.


Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 2.32.08 PM
RGB72_Lilly'sHeavenlyHabits Social Media

Patricia LugoLilly’s Heavenly Habits

Lilly has developed some bad habits. One night she listens to God with all of her heart, and learns some ways that she can create heavenly habits. Through playful rhyme and beautiful illustrations, “Lilly’s Heavenly Habits” inspires young readers to create habits that build a bright future and are pleasing to the Lord.


Death on St Charles Street Cover V2A

Joe Strupp 

Death on St. Charles Street is a true crime personal story for author Joe Strupp about the quadruple murder-suicide involving four members of his family who were brutally killed in their home more than 60 years ago.




Robin SharpBecoming Miss Maisy May. &  Maisy May and the Kittens

Becoming Miss Maisy May:  This first story in the Maisy May series centers on Robin’s fostering and adoption experience while Maisy was a kitten. Maisy was fostered along with an Italian Greyhound named Portia.

Maisy May and the Kittens:  Maisy May, once the only cat, must learn to adapt to changes as two kittens join the family.


The Sound of Wings

Suzanne Simonetti – The Sound of Wings & A Cape May Christmas Story

The Sound of Wings

Three women form a bond at different stages of life in this tale of friendship, betrayal, and new beginnings. Like the mystical monarch butterflies of Cape May Island, transformations take flight on the wings of self-discovery and deep healing as the past is reconciled. A USA Today bestseller!

A Cape May Christmas Story: A Celebration of Family and Love in America’s First Seaside Resort

Rita Abernathy is determined to prove there is magic in the seaside paradise she now calls home. Amidst the backdrop of the charming Victorian town of Cape May, forgiveness between brothers and the promise of new love will warm the heart like a warm cup of hot chocolate. Recipes and local attraction guide included in the back!



Jen Doktorski
The Summer After You and Me

Jennifer Salvato DoktorskiThe Summer After You & Me

Lucy loves her life at the New Jersey shore. But nothing has been the same since the Big Storm—the one that tore apart her barrier island home and briefly brought together a local girl like herself and a vacationer like Connor Malloy. But in the wake of the storm, Lucy is left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and her broken home. Now it’s the summer after everything and Lucy is wondering if it will be one of new starts or second chances.



David Hamilton GollandLivin’ Just To Find Emotion – Journey and the Story or American Rock

In LIVIN’ JUST TO FIND EMOTION: Journey and the Story of American Rock  historian David Hamilton Golland delves deep into the band’s tumultuous history as they celebrate 50 years on the musical landscape. Golland grants readers access to exclusive interview material with band members. LIVIN’ JUST TO FIND EMOTION is a complex, entertaining biography that examines how Journey overcame the bumps on the road to success.



Victoria Karnatski – 4 books published in her Social, Emotional Learning children’s book series, Caring Kids A-Z.

Rescuing Reeva – a girl living with her  Dad, who is dealing with feeling lonely & the solution is found by her adopting a cat.
Magical Margherita – a happy, empathetic girl who helps people realize their inner sparkle.
Exciting Evian – a girl with a neurodivergent brain who learns strategies to help her through her teachers & family.
Hardworking Hadir – a middle school aged boy uses his kind heart & determination to help an elderly neighbor in need.
Lori Krein Head Shot
Green Bee Cover

Lori Krein – Green Bee

See what happens when Green Bee stops eating his vegetables and feeds them to the ants…the ants get stronger, while he slows down. Eventually, he learns his lesson! Vegetables make you healthy and strong!
Lucille Maddalena
Promo-Square-Lucille-M-book01 (002)


MOVING ON BY! features sled dog analogies and metaphors to present real events of
people caught in a complex work or life situation that is difficult or may derail their careers
and lives. Dog sledding analogies offer a unique view of teamwork, commitment, and
instinctual reactions, applying the dog sledding command ON BY! to pass the team
blocking your trail.