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Watch Donation Drive for the Homeless

The Belmar Public Library

in Partnership with




Zac Levy 






Accepting Donated Watches at the

Belmar Public Library now through

May 22, 2024


The Belmar Public Library, in partnership with Zac Levy and his organization Project Unhoused, is collecting gently used watches to distribute to homeless individuals to help them with everyday tasks.

Homeless people generally cannot afford cell phone service, and do not always have a secure, reliable place to charge mobile devices.  As a result their ability to tell time is seriously compromised, making it almost impossible to keep appointments, use public transportation, or simply to report on time at a shelter to secure a bed for the night.  A simple watch solves this problem.

We are looking for:

  • Analog watches (no digital, please)
  • Watches with intact wristbands.
  • Windup and quartz battery watches

Bring your donated watches to the Belmar Public Library now through May 22, 2024, and they will soon be distributed to homeless people in the local area by the Project Unhoused Organization run by Zac Levy.

Help make a positive impact and difference in the already challenging lives that homeless people face every day.  Give the gift of time management!